The top shelf stuff you need to DeFi right


A forum-like platform with nested comments and up/down votes.

Reddit is organized into communities called β€œsubreddits”.

r/ETHFinance is the sub with the best moderation and highest quality DeFi discussions. Most of it happens in the stickied daily discussion thread.

Other DeFi-related subreddits are r/Ethereum, r/ETHTrader, r/DeFi, r/Arbitrum, r/UniSwap, r/Metamask, r/Alchemix and r/yearn_finance.

Some DeFi-adjascent subreddits of note are r/ETHSTaker, r/RocketPool and r/ETHDev.

Watch out for the scams that are frequently posted to the lower traffic subreddits. Ignore any supposed airdrops.

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