The top shelf stuff you need to DeFi right


DeFi is fantastic. Having true ownership of your assets, while also being able to make them productive by putting them to work for you generating yield, without having to trust centralized custodians, is priceless.

But one of its other greatest advantages, permissionlessness, while enabling a lot of innovation, also has a downside. It opens the door for the space to be filled to the brim with low effort and low quality projects. The minority of protocols bringing genuine value and innovation to the ecosystem have countless copycats, many very centralized. Not to mention the outright scams.

Telling apart the good stuff from the useless filler is hard, especially when all of this is new for you.

This little collection is an attempt to suggest a solid set of essential, quality resources to operate in DeFi, with a special eye to the needs of beginners.